Friday, April 6, 2012

My "chemo" port issues....

Decided to have my port out as I was having issues with it for the past 8 months.  A port removal is supposed to be an easy surgery...what should have been a short surgery turned in to an hour and a half.  Of course mine was left in way too long.  Doctor had to make a second incision as the tubing was hung up on my clavicle bone.  Go figure eh?  He was able to get about 10" of tubing out and had to leave 4" in as it was really stuck.  He dug around and tugged and pulled with no success.  Said I'd have had to been in a regular surgery room with an IV etc. because it was a trickier surgery.  Wednesday, Thursday and today was brutal as I could not even move my arm, standing and sitting caused horrific pain.  I ended up with a fever yesterday, so I was put on an antibiotic and Vicoden for pain.  The pain pills did nothing.  I spoke with the doctor again this morning and he recommended I come to Waupun Hospital as he was there today doing surgeries.  Ended up he had an emergency surgery and I had to see his Physicians Assistant.  She was wonderful.  Now I am on Percoset (much better) and just have to wait for the antibiotic to work.  I have a fever still tonight, not quite 101 degrees.  She observed that I have major inflamation and swelling and redness in an area of about 9" x 9" on my chest, shoulder etc.  I developed an infection also which is why I am on the antibiotics.  Like my dad always said, "it's always something".  Found out that my hands were icy cold from lack of circulation, so now I have to keep that arm up as well.  I will keep you posted!  I decided to post all this as I could not keep up with emails.  Thank you and God Bless.

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