Monday, April 9, 2012

I am "60" today......YES

Celebrated 2 days in a  Yesterday during Easter celebration dinner, the kids presented to us what we thought was a video.  Julie asked for Jeff and I to view it on Joe's laptop.  We went over to it and it said a decorated way, "Happy Birthdays" Mom and Dad....from All of Us Kids.  We read it and we kept waiting for the video (we thought they made a video of themselves and the grand-kids) I sort of waved the okay, hurry up thing with my hands.  They were laughing and saying "Happy Birthday"! ( a few times actually).  Guess we turn sort of dense when we turn 60!  The laptop was our present!!!!  Wow, that was one HUGE surprise!  I am actually using it right now!  Love it.
Our Easter was really wonderful.  After everyone got home from church, Julie and Mark helped hide 90 eggs all over the yard.  The kids had so much fun looking for them.  Yes, they all overdosed on chocolate.  We then enjoyed dinner with my mom, our kids and grand-kids, Dave's mom, sister and her husband.  My brother and his family stopped over for a while also (for my birthday).  All in all it was an awesome day..thank you all.  I was exhausted and went to bed very early.  I just love having birthdays!

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