Saturday, May 5, 2012

Update on Janet

Well, things are getting a bit better now that I am on a new antibiotic.  I ended up with a staph infection in the surgical sites.  This whole month I have been a bit blah, tired and just not up to par.  Have been changing bandages every couple hours due to the drainage.  May 17th I will have a CT scan so that the Thoracic/Cardiac surgeon can see about the tunneling from the scar tissue near the heart.  Depending on what he finds, it may be a nasty surgery (those were his words).  He said the scar tissue tunnels are bad as they are a constant threat to infection.  The 4" of tubing on the clavical doesn't concern him as it is sewn down pretty well, he said it shouldn't go anywhere.  His concern is the whole issue by the heart and the fact that I may have a hole in the left side of the heart. (which would have been a cause for the mini stroke I had).
Looking forward to summer, sun, swimming and being healthy again.


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