Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Last of stitches out...finally...

Went to the doctor for the last of the stitches to be removed.  Still having issues with a lot of blood that needs to be absorbed in to the body.  Still have pain in my right arm and shoulder area, along with the 2 surgery sites.  I asked the doctor today if this happens to other people?  He said "no"!  I am actually the only person that he has ever had that the port grew to a bone and has caused so many complications.  Has to be "Murphy's Law"!!!  I asked him if he thought it would have been better to have been in a hospital surgery room etc.  His comment was that if he knew what he knows now, he wouldn't have even done the surgery.  Lovely.  If in 3 months I still have any pain in that area or I still have any infection and redness, I will have to have surgery, like it or not.  He said it will not be an easy surgery as they will have to go under the clavicle bone and ribs.  He just kept saying it will NOT be a nice surgery and that I won't like it.  Okay, now I am a tad nervous!  Yikes.  All this because my port was in for too long!  The doctor has been really good, gave me his private number so that I can reach him anytime.  Guess I was pretty close to being septic again!!! Anyway, God has been good!
I am here.

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