Sunday, December 30, 2012's been a while!

Here is hoping everyone had a Blessed Christmas.  We are looking forward to a Healthy New Year and wish that for you as well.

So much has happened that I cannot even write it all down.

I have been busy with scrap-booking and teaching scrapping classes at the Senior Center.  Keeping busy with grand-kids too.

Jeff has had a barky cough for 2 1/2 months, has been doctoring the whole time.  Was on antibiotics 3 times and steroids 3 times.  Nothing works, it's not the flu, he is short of breath and tired.  Finally today doctor suggested we go to ER and we did.  He had a CT scan to rule out a blood clot in the lungs.  Lungs are clear.  He had 7 tubes of blood drawn....sheesh....wonder what they are all testing?  Doctor admitted him to the hospital to do heart testing.  He had the Echo-cardiogram tonight and needs the stress test yet.  He is very short of breath..all the time, but especially at any exertion.

The 2 grand-girls wanted to stay with me tonight.  We went to supper, and Anna didn't even eat as she didn't feel well.  She ended up going home with  Jenny.  Molly stayed with me and after about 2 hours started vomiting a lot.  That's why I am still up doing laundry!!!!  I called Jen at 11:30 pm to tell her Molly was sick and she said Anna was vomiting also.  Good grief....neither one has a fever?  Not sure if it is the flu or they ate some bad food?  We'll see how they are in the morning.  Jen picked Molly up, she slept all the way home, they just put her to bed and she woke up vomiting again.....oh boy.

1:00 now, have to go change loads of laundry......