Sunday, May 17, 2015

2015.....A new start for us!

Since I last posted, it has been a difficult 2 years!
Jeff's health has taken a toll with him suffering a mental breakdown where he spent 2 weeks in the hospital and then a month later, another week.  Took him about one year with weekly therapy to get back to feeling better.
Then if that wasn't enough.....he had surgery last June and then in July was on his way to an appointment at the hospital/clinic and he collapsed in the parking lot.   They put him in a wheelchair, and took him in to the ER.  ER called me and said I needed to come right away.  They thought he was having a heart attack.  He had a CT scan and then went in to ICU for a week.  On day 2 he had surgery to put an umbrella stent in to his abdomen via through is neck.  This was to catch blood clots from his his legs so they didn't go to his lungs.  He had massive amounts and massive sized clots in his legs and his lungs!  He also had a saddle pulmonary embolism across the top of his lungs.  He had some heart damage to the right side of heart also.  So, this past year has been trying as he had a hard time breathing.  Doctors told us he was real lucky that he was where he was when this happened as otherwise he would have been dead!!  GOD WAS WATCHING OVER HIM!

So,to sum everything up from the past couple years....Jeff is retired and we downsized from home ownership to renting a brand new home up in the the Holyland of St. Peter, Wisconsin.  Loving it!

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