Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Dr. appointment today

3 pm saw the doctor in his office.  Temp was 99.5, running low grade.  The cold hands and feet are side effects from the body trying to fight the infection.  I have some infection, but what really hurts is the cellulites.  He feels there is about 3 cups of blood under the skin that still has to be absorbed and that could take another month or so.  Great, as that is what is causing the pain.  Sure isn't what I signed up for.  Oh well, just so it gets better asap.  Had a bad night sleeping last night, hopefully tonight goes better.  Last night was fall asleep for 5 minutes, wake up from nightmares, be awake for about 5 - 10 minutes.....repeat all night.

Looking forward to tomorrow night, as 3 of us have April birthdays we are going to celebrate by going out to eat.  yummmmmm


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